The Rationalist Delusion?

Sign in Create an account. Syntax Advanced Search. Rationalist Roots of Modern Psychology. Gary Hatfield. Gary Hatfield University of Pennsylvania. In this regard, they contrast with empiricist philosophers, such as John Locke and David Hume, who believed that all knowledge arises from the senses.


Rationalism, or a belief that we come to knowledge through the use of logic, and thus independently of sensory experience, was critical to the debates of the Enlightenment period, when most philosophers lauded the power of reason but insisted that knowledge comes from experience. Rationalism—as an appeal to human reason as a way of obtaining knowledge—has a philosophical history dating from antiquity. While rationalism, as the view that reason is the main source of knowledge, did not dominate the Enlightenment, it laid critical basis for the debates that developed over the course of the 18th century.

Descartes was the first of the modern rationalists.

Epistemological rationalism in ancient philosophies. The first Western philosopher to stress rationalist insight was Pythagoras, a shadowy figure of the 6th.

This is a portal into the Bay Area rationalist community. We value truth over comfort, and results over effort, but effort over apathy. You’re invited to join us at the regular meetups described below. Check the calendar for other events that are open to the community! Here is a list of the reoccurring community events that currently or will soon exist:.

These meetups range from hikes through the Berkeley hills to lightning talk sessions to group dinners and can be found on the calendar. Drop by to discuss rationality, play board games or just socialize.

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The unraveling of the spontaneous philosophy of the earth Kepler and Newton , the spontaneous philosophy of the organism Darwin and the spontaneous philosophy of history Hegel and Marx each opened up a hitherto unimagined or inaccessible domain that pointed to new affordances for thought and action. The system of myth — particularly in the sense of an ideological fixation — as Jules Vuillemin suggests, attempts to circumvent the world of appearances through engendering abstract systems which grow without any limit by the aggregation and tinkering of immutable codes in a monotonic fashion.

In doing so, the system of myth feigns openness and mobility and attempts to overcome finitude.

This is a portal into the Bay Area rationalist community. We value truth over comfort, and results over effort, but effort over apathy. You’re invited to join us at.

Reading 1: Descartes on Doubt and Certainty Meditations 1 and 2. Rationalism is the philosophical view that knowledge is acquired through reason, without the aid of the senses. Mathematical knowledge is the best example of this, since through rational thought alone we can plumb the depths of numerical relations, construct proofs, and deduce ever more complex mathematical concepts.

We can even envision that someone locked in a room with no sensory experience whatsoever might still arrive at a sophisticated level of mathematical knowledge. Several ancient and medieval writers held to rationalism, most notably Plato and philosophers who followed in the Platonist tradition. In the mid seventeenth-century, though, rationalism was given a unique twist by philosophers who held that our most important mental concepts are innate, or inborn, and from these we deduce other truths with absolute certainty.

While this education pleased his father, a high-court judge himself, Descartes never actually did practice law.

Utopian and pragmatic rationalism: The political context of scientific advice

So, I assume that this trope mostly comes down to the high percentage of Rationalists who are polyamorous. I found out about this correlation soon after discovering Rationality having already been in an open relationship , but I never paused to question it. When a journalist recently called to interview me about polyamory and rationality, it got me thinking: what actually explains the correspondence? There could be a founder effect: LessWrong creator Eliezer is open about being open.

A bunch of nerds in a Berkeley group house are not the upper-class decadent playboys the author imagines. I brainstormed six plausible theories to explain the connection between polyamory and Rationality, as alternatives to the hypothesis that Rationalists are simply indoctrinating their friends into non-monogamy.

relativist to date, ignoring critical rationalism as a philosophical approach with general methodology of qualitative research: a critical rationalist perspective.

This anthology of more than forty pieces is a kaleidoscopic argument for the power and the glory of science. Breathtaking, brilliant and passionate, these essays, journalism, lectures and letters make an unanswerable case for the wonder of scientific discovery and its power to stir the imagination; for the practical necessity of scientific endeavour to society; and for the importance of the scientific way of thinking – particularly in today’s ‘post-truth’ world.

With an introduction and new commentary by the author, subjects range from evolution and Darwinian natural selection to the role of scientist as prophet, whether science is itself a religion, the probability of alien life in other worlds, and the beauties, cruelties and oddities of earthly life in this one. Alongside the explications, the celebrations and the controversies are wonderfully funny ventures into satire and parody, and moving personal reflections in memory and honour of others.

Science in the Soul is a sparkling showcase for Professor Dawkins’ rapier wit, the clarity, precision and vigour he brings to an argument, the beauty of his prose, the depth of his feeling and his capacity for joy. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist. What a treat to see so clearly how matter and meaning fit together, from fiction to philosophy to molecular biology, all in one unified vision!

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These temperaments share the qualities of being abstract thinkers who approach situations in a theory-focused, pragmatic mode. Getting a Rational to open up and show their tender side can be as challenging as the toil of Sisyphus How do you connect with a partner who is known more for his brilliant mind than his brilliant romance?

On paper at least, Rationals are the type least likely to want to put a ring on it.

In philosophy, rationalism is the epistemological view that “regards reason as the chief source Rationalism — as an appeal to human reason as a way of obtaining knowledge — has a philosophical history dating from antiquity. The analytical.

Occasionally I see people complaining that they cannot find a rationalist girlfriend. Fortunately, we have a survey! I understand this is debatable— as, in fact, rationalist girlfriends one did not meet through the community are still Rationalist Girlfriends— but we are looking for information on how to find a rationalist girlfriend, not a girlfriend you can convert to rationality. The largest correlation is with number of current partners Pearson correlation. When I included only people who prefer monogamy, the correlation went down to.

This suggests that, while ability to get laid plays a part in the strength of this correlation, a substantial amount of the correlation is that poly people are way more likely to get rationalist partners. The best thing you can do for your chance of getting a rationalist partner is to become poly. Karma score is another reasonably strong correlation. SAT Scores out of is correlated with likelihood of rationalist girlfriend. I cannot explain this data. Supporting more immigration.

So right-libertarians, you may still have some hope although neoreactionaries are screwed. Regardless, be sure not to talk about politics too much, because political interest is negatively correlated with finding a rationalist partner -. Probability of aliens in the galaxy -.

Rationalist Empiricism: A Theory of Speculative Critique (Idiom: Inventing Writing Theory)

The first Western philosopher to stress rationalist insight was Pythagoras , a shadowy figure of the 6th century bce. Noticing that, for a right triangle, a square built on its hypotenuse equals the sum of those on its sides and that the pitches of notes sounded on a lute bear a mathematical relation to the lengths of the strings, Pythagoras held that these harmonies reflected the ultimate nature of reality.

The difficulty in this view, however, is that, working with universals and their relations, which, like the multiplication table, are timeless and changeless, it assumes a static world and ignores the particular, changing things of daily life. The difficulty was met boldly by the rationalist Parmenides born c.

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A quarterly journal of ideas, science and culture from the Rationalist Association. Find out more. From pandemics to climate change, new techniques in chemistry use the power of nature to fight existential challenges. A thorough account of the persecution and trial of a man for “the most significant breakthrough in the history of science”.

Rationalist Spirituality: An exploration of the meaning of life and existence ); Publication Date: March 16, ; Sold by: Services LLC.

Dabholkar was shot dead by two assailants near Omkareshwar temple in Sadashiv peth on August 20, , when the rationalist was returning home after a morning walk. The CBI must go ahead and investigate the masterminds of the murder failing which the danger to the lives of rationalist thinkers will not fade away. The family members said that it is a painful experience that the case has remained unsolved till date by an agency like the CBI.

Later, the agency arrested Sachin Andure and Sharad Kalaskar, in August , as the ones who opened fire at Dabholkar on August 20, Nadeem Inamdar Hindustan Times, Pune. Thank you for subscribing to our daily newsletter. Stranded in Pakistan, Hindus on long-term visas desperate to return to India.

History of rationalism

In philosophy , rationalism is the epistemological view that “regards reason as the chief source and test of knowledge” [1] or “any view appealing to reason as a source of knowledge or justification”. In an old controversy, rationalism was opposed to empiricism , where the rationalists believed that reality has an intrinsically logical structure. Because of this, the rationalists argued that certain truths exist and that the intellect can directly grasp these truths.

The art of purifying shapes characterizes this collection of handles, an elegant and sophisticated example of the rationalist design dating back to the XX century.

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz — German rationalist philosopher, mathematician, and logician. John Locke — philosopher. Any philosophy magnifying the role played by unaided reason, in the acquisition and justification of knowledge. The preference for reason over sense experience as a source of knowledge began with the Eleatics, and played a central role in Platonism. Its most significant modern development was in the 17th-century belief that the paradigm of knowledge was the non-sensory intellectual intuition that God would have into the workings of all things, and that human beings taste in their acquaintance with mathematics.

The Continental rationalists, notably Descartes, Leibniz, and Spinoza, are frequently contrasted with the British empiricists Locke, Berkeley, and Hume , but such oppositions usually oversimplify a more complex picture. For example, it is worth noticing the extent to which Descartes approves of empirical enquiry, and the extent to which Locke shares the rationalist vision of real knowledge as a kind of intellectual intuition.

In spite of the authority of Kant, the subsequent history of philosophy has tended to minimize or even to deny the possibility of a priori knowledge, so rationalism depending on this category has also declined. However the idea that the mind comes with pre-formed categories that determine the structure of our language and ways of thought has survived in the work of linguists influenced by Chomsky.

The term rationalism is also used more broadly for any anti-clerical, antiauthoritarian humanism, but it is unfortunate that it is empiricists such as Hume who are in this other sense rationalists. All Rights Reserved.

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